London Creek Bridge opens in North Andros


A ceremony taking place in North Andros, beginning at ten o’clock this morning to mark the official opening of the London Creek Bridge in that area.

Prime Minister the Most Hon. Dr Hubert Minnis, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Works, the Hon. Desmond Bannister will attend that ceremony, along with other dignitaries.

Minister Bannister says work on the new London Creek Bridge was done to the tune off some two million dollars. He says the bridge is expected to improve the water flow in the area and allow the natural regeneration of the ecosystem.

“It’s a very important nursing ground for our fish so if you want to have grouper and all of these fish snappers in the future, we have to open these creeks that have been closed.

“We have a young Bahamian from Mangrove Bush Long Island who has built an outstanding beautiful bridge at London Creek.

“You will see how it impacts the ecosystem of Andros how it impacts our water systems and really makes a wonderful positive difference” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Initiatives are also on tap for the island of Exuma.

“Well I’m looking forward to going back to Exuma.

“We start paving in Exuma and you know, the family islands, they don’t get a lot of asphalt roads. 

“But there is an asphalt plant in Exuma so instead of having sand sealed roads they are going to have asphalt roads just like the capital in Exuma.

“We also gonna be putting new roads in Black Point in Exuma” he said.