The late Hon. Obie Wilchcombe was a veteran broadcaster at the Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas before entering public life as a politician. Some who served with him during the broadcasting days reflected on that part of his life after learning about his passing.

Chief Executive Officer of URCA Carlton Smith is also a former broadcaster who worked with Wilchcombe at the Broadcasting Corporation. He said Wilchcombe had an uncanny ability to talk to people and make them feel important. “He did all in his power to help people in West End. Obie Wilchcombe is not a wealthy man and he’s not a wealthy man because he didn’t use politics to amass wealth.”

Speaking on Wilchcombe’s impact in broadcasting Smith said, “for young broadcast journalists in particular they could do well to emulate the positive impact he’s had not only on the development of the journalism profession in The Bahamas, not only on the impact he’s had on broadcasting in The Bahamas, but the impact he’s had through his experience and performance as a journalist on the development of this country. And he took that passion that he had for journalism into politics, front line politics. And every time he and I spoke he’d talk about that need to help and he and I spoke about that on numerous occasions about how broadcasting can transform a nation, how journalism can transform a nation. So the country has lost a hero.”

Also commenting about the late Minister as a broadcaster were Dr. Yvette Stuart and Judy Terrell.