The minimum wage was increased for the first and only time since the enactment of the legislation in 2015. Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis announced the government’s intention to increase minimum wage to $260 per week in his national address on October 11th.

The Minister Labour and Immigration, the Hon. Keith Bell made a communication to Parliament on the issue telling members that 60,000 workers will be impacted be the increase. The Minister said, “I wish to make it clear to person who are employed, who work incredibly hard and cannot survive on the current wage of $210 per week. The government is not saying that you should only earn $260 or that the sum is adequate, no. Indeed, the government recognizes that the minimum wage must in time be transitioned into a wage that is appropriate for today’s cost of living.”

Minister Bell says that an increase in efficiency and productivity must correspond with the transition to a living wage. He went on saying, “on a national level our overall labour productivity must increased and it can only increase by us continuing to offer opportunities for workers to upgrade their skills and offer education and training. We must also work smarter and use more efficient technologies to assist us in being more productive in the workplace.”