Ministry of Works family island projects continue

Newly constructed London Creek Bridge in North Andros

The Minister of Public Works is continuing work on several projects in the family islands, although a number of other initiatives have been put on hold as a result of the government’s two-million-dollar spending cutbacks due to the pandemic.

Minister of Public Works and Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Desmond Bannister has this update.

“We have a wonderful, beautiful new dock, two docks in Rock Sound, Eleuthera which is going to enhance the ability to be able to bring large boats in there.

“We are dredging the waters so it’s gonna be deeper in Lisbon Creek Andros we are dredging again, and we are going to be able to improve the dock there.

“We are putting in some new seawalls in the south Andros area so all over this country everywhere that you can think of, any island you can think of there’s development going on there’s opportunities for us to be able to enhance the livelihoods and daily lives of Bahamians and to improve our tourist product” he said.