The family of James Toote Jr. and Nazar Robins are refuting claims circulating on social media that the men are in the custody of US authorities.

Toote’s niece Whitley Brice told ZNS News, “the family has been doing their research in regards to the rumours that has been spread. We have contacted a few entity in America. The Consul General office nor any government entity in Florida was able to get any information for the family.”

Bryce further stated, “we just want to know the truth. We just want to know if they are safe. We want to know if they are in America cause we would prefer them to be there than to be missing at sea and we can’t find them.”

Grand Bahama police confirmed to ZNS News that there are no official reports of Toote and Robins being in the United States. The two men have not be heard from since Sunday when they left Grand Bahama by boat headed for Bimini.