MP Lisa Rahming Hosts Successful Community Meeting

Member of Parliament for Marathon, Minister of State for Social Services & Urban Development, Lisa Rahming

In a bid to save homes and make the constituency of Marathon safer for its residents, Member of Parliament Lisa Rahming is leading an effort to repair homes, clear drains and clean up the community ahead of the 2022 Hurricane Season. 

These efforts have made a dramatic difference in some of the areas most affected by flooding, which has been a major concern in recent weeks. There has been a series of consistent thunderstorms accompanied by record amounts of rain, which exacerbate difficult situations such as low lying areas and housing and roofing issues.

Residents expressed their pleasure with the progress of the cleanup campaign during a community meeting hosted by Minister Raming for residents on Tuesday, May 31, 2022 from 6-8pm. Residents also took the opportunity to inform her team of additional areas where derelict vehicles and drains are issues of concern. 

“Ahead of the 2022 Hurricane Season, we wanted to address the issue of flooding in various areas,” she said.

“We were busy cleaning out drains and by extension, we will have the Ministry of Works come in at a later time and restructure the drains, making them deeper. In the meantime, we had to assist with providing alternative means for residents to be able to cope with the flooding, by clearing down areas and cleaning drains.”

“We realized, particularly in Danottage Estates, there was a certain area filled with bushes and trees. When we cleared it down, it helped significantly, stopping the water from getting into people’s homes. That was unbelievable! We also discovered that there were two drains hiding under all that rubble!”

Minister Rahming is also conducting a robust home repairs campaign. Efforts, however, have been slowed down by torrential rain. She thanked Urban Renewal for partnering with them to provide temporary measures for residents, noting that workers were willing to go out in the rain to ensure that roof tapestry was secured on the homes that needed it most. 

“The residents were so happy;” she said, “If you had seen the look on their faces… like someone actually cares!”

MP Rahming told Marathon constituents that the home repairs campaign will continue, and that the process will be fair and transparent, touching all areas within the constituency. 

She is also empowering constituents by providing employment opportunities, as well as empowerment for entrepreneurs. Residents seeking jobs brought their resumes to the community meeting. Others provided their contacts that will join a larger database as Minister Rahming organises an employment event for the near future. 

Cottage industries and small businesses have a place to thrive within Marathon, according to Minister Rahming. Her team is compiling a large database of residents with various skills, from plumbing and electrical contractors to chefs and culture artists. They have the opportunity to act as merchants at various events held in their community. They will operate on a rotation system to ensure fairness in opportunities for residents.