Rubis Bahamas Hosted Virtual Health Environment and Safety Seminar


“On May 25, 2022, RUBiS Bahamas Limited hosted a fully virtual Health, Environment, and Safety (HES) Seminar for its Commercial & Industrial (C&I) sector. This unique and interactive session was hosted on Microsoft Teams in consideration of both the health of participants and facilitators given the current COVID-19 pandemic and the archipelagic nature of the market that as C&I customers are located on various islands of the Bahamas which spans six (6) islands and five (5) cays. There were forty-five (45) attendees representing over sixteen (16) companies from the market’s client base of fifty-two (52).

“Routine HES training plays an essential role in our efforts to uphold high safety standards and practices throughout the network. It is not only for the wellbeing of our brand, but also the collective wellbeing of customers, our personnel, and the environment we all share and
operate in”, said Sales & Marketing Manager, Mrs. Micah Knowles, who warmly opened the session, welcoming participants and introducing the presenter.

The session was led by Caribbean Regional HES Officer, Mr. Andre Alleyne, who shared with attendees the industry’s best practices and recommendations across a broad spectrum of topics, including electrical safety, overfill protection, and fire safety. He left participants with one admonishment: “Rubis places a high priority on safety and safety must always be put first.

Safety supports practically all our business objectives. Importantly, safety is everyone’s responsibility – management and employees all have a role to play. Similarly, supporting customer operations towards safety and best practices is a key aim of Rubis HES management.”

As a part of RUBiS Bahamas’ commitment to enhancing their customers’ current safety protocols, we committed to work with each customer in providing manuals, emergency plans, and spill kits tailored to the needs of each customer. Efforts will be ongoing to ensure that future sessions are held biannually.