Minister of National Security, the Hon. Wayne Munroe commented on the rise of sexual assault cases while speaking with reporters outside on Cabinet on Tuesday.

He said, “the fact that this is another element of criminality that’s on the rise tells us that people are disordered. So when you think that you can force yourself on someone be it a man or a women who is doing it that person’s upbringing couldn’t have inculcated in them that you are to respect people’s privacy if you expect them to respect yours. We continue to make it easier for people to report these offices.”

Minister Munroe also warned about the consequences of being a convicted sex offender. “People say their convictions follow them that is a conviction that will follow you. That is a conviction that will disentitle you to work around children. That is a conviction that will probably drive people not to hire you, certainly around women. So before people think about that you should think about the weight that it will put on your life going forward.”