The independence secretariat held the launch event for the 50th anniversary of independence celebrations on Bay Street on Thursday evening where they unveiled the official theme and logo.

The Permanent Secretary for the Independence Secretariat, Jack Thompson spoke to ZNS News at the conclusion of the event expressing his excitement. “What you saw tonight was really the infusion of culture, a message, a charge from the Prime Minister. We have cuisine, the fine Bahamian cuisine, conch salad, the pies, the cup, the baggies, the salty sausage, all that kind of stuff is through there. And I think we see the coming together of our people. I think people are genuinely happy. We’ve set the bar so high tonight, oh my goodness, we’re gonna take it to a whole new level on the night of independence but there are some events before that and stay tuned we’re just so happy. This launch went very very well and we’re excited about it.”