Tropical Storm Nicole is affecting Grand Bahama and Abaco. Desmond Saunders traveled to Abaco where he reported on weather conditions there as they worsened.

“Just to give you an idea of what’s happening, Nicole is generating large sea swells. I’m near Jimmy’s Wines and Spirits near Bay Street. This area very impassable”

Residents on the island also gave their views on the storm and their preparation efforts. One resident told ZNS News, “it is a lil bit nerve racking, to say the least…but we are resilient people as Bahamians. We are God fearing so I think we’ll be ok.”

Another resident said, “safety is paramount. So we want to ensure that our family members, love ones, relatives, friends would stay indoors, adhere to the warnings and the alerts that goes out, so that is very very important. Please do not roam the streets.”

At the time of his report Saunders reported flooding in various areas, no injuries and over five hundred persons in shelters.