Police were admonishing residents on New Providence to stay away from some coastal roads where waves were coming ashore. Police Press Liaison, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings was on scene at Go Slow Bend where sea water coming ashore made the road impassable to motorists.

She said, “police officers, they’re up to the task and they’re ensuring that members of the public refrain from this immediate area where the waves are sometimes as high as five feet and the water seems to just not stop from flowing.”

Police erected barricade to close off the street however persons wanting to get pass were removing them. One this Skippings said, “there are still persons who are trying to get through and those person who actually removed those barricades could actually find themselves before the courts. The police have erected those barricades to maintain safety again for this areas from persons coming in this area.”

Skippings made this appeal to members of the public, “we need you. We understand that you want to see what’s happening, you want to be up close, this is not the time. Right now it’s all about safety. Your safety is of paramount importance to us and so we’re asking you work with you local police department, listen to the updates, pay attention to what the media is giving you. They’re gonna give you step by step details as to what is going on and what time these roads are going to open again so that you can traverse and come through and you can see exactly what’s happening in this area. But for right now we want you to refrain, please stay away from this particular area.”

Social media uploads from residents also showed waves coming ashore as further west as far as Travelers Rest.