Parliamentarians attend church service

Bible on the church pulpit.

The annual parliamentary church service took place on Monday at the Church of God of Prophecy Tabernacle on East Street.

As parliamentarians seek God’s guidance for the year ahead, Senior Pastor of Bahamas Harvest Church, Mario Moxey told them that they must follow the righteous path.

“When you tell your story of being a member of Parliament or being a member of the senate, serving in this government, tell your story in such a way that you don’t have to omit portions of your story – that you can tell the whole thing.

“I want to encourage you don’t trade the next 20 years of your career for the next 20 minutes of self-gratification.

“Don’t make that mistake live your life in such a way that when you sit down with your grandchildren something that all of us desire to do; and they hear the story of mama and papa; you don’t have to worry about them asking questions that you can’t answer because you took a deal underneath the table and you had to keep it to yourself” he said.

The parliamentarians were reminded that even names carved in stone don’t always stand the test of time.

“So many times, we try to create legacy by putting our names on buildings. That doesn’t secure a legacy.

“We all witnessed just last year how the Clarence A. Bain building was demolished, it’s no longer their buildings are demolished names on buildings are changed all the time.

“That doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have a legacy. Your legacy is determined by the things that you do that the life that you live on the stories people will say and tell about you long after you are gone” he said.