A 39 year old man lost his life after being struck by a car in the Eight Mile Rock area over the weekend. This is the second male to lose his life in this manner and area in a matter of days.

The man was hit by a 2016 Chrysler 200 while attempting to cross the street. On the scene at this latest incident was Chief Superintendent Jeremy Henfield who gave details, “ambulance was called to the scene and at this time that pedestrian would have succumbed to his injuries here at the scene.”

Superintendent Henfield appealed to motorists in the area, “this is the second accident we’ve had in the Eight Mile Rock within a matter of days. And so I want to take this opportunity to appeal to the motoring public to please drive with due care and attention, not to drive beyond the headlight. And when I say that I mean speed. Don’t drive further than what you can see.”

Chief Councillor, Jimmy Smith acknowledges that lighting in the area is an issue and says that the issue will be addressed.