PHA Names New Managing Director


The Chairman & Board of Directors of the Public Hospitals Authority are pleased to announce the confirmation in appointment of Mrs. Aubynette P. Rolle in the post of Acting Managing Director.

“Mrs. Aubynette Rolle’s vast knowledge and experience in healthcare services and operations demonstrates her ability to be resourceful, collaborative and work harmoniously with doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, general staff, hospital administration and board-level
leadership. We are confident in her expertise and capacity to enhance the quality of care and overall services offered by the PHA to the Bahamian people,” Chairman Andrew Edwards. Holding a Master Certificate in Healthcare Leadership from Cornell University, Mrs. Rolle is
Licensed as a Counsel and Attorney and serves as an innovative healthcare catalyst with over thirty years of experience in the medical and health services field.

She commenced her career as a Registered Nurse and Midwife in both the public and private healthcare sectors. The past twenty years has furnished her with a wealth of experience, driving continuous patient and safety improvements across hospitals. An ardent believer in cultivating a culture of patient healing through caring and collaborative operations, Mrs. Rolle knows the value of teamwork.

She is consistently developing, building, and expanding quality healthcare programs while streamlining and strengthening processes and identifying inefficiencies in operations, strategic planning, project management, human resource management, and risk management.

“The Executive Team and I are mandated by the Chairman and the Board to prioritise our people both internally and externally through the demonstration of care by committed and compassionate professionals and leadership. I am eager to work alongside the PHA team to
cultivate a higher standard in healthcare and patient services, ” Acting Managing Director, Aubynette Rolle.