PHA Observes Patient Safety Awareness Week with Emphasis on Staff Education


Public Hospitals Authority Acting Managing Director, Mrs. Aubynette Rolle made the keynote address at the PHA opening ceremony for Patient Safety Awareness Week. The weeklong initiative is spearheaded by the PHA’s Quality & Patient Safety Department and offers a series of educational sessions for PHA throughout the week focused on various aspects of Patient Safety and Quality.

Mrs. Rolle referred to prioritizing patient safety as a clear act of caring, saying, “We are not just talking about a theoretical exercise, but when we talk about issues of patient safety, we are talking about issues that affect us and those we love; not only as providers, but too often as patients.”

She called on all PHA staff members to join in the creation of a culture of caring that delivers patient and people centred care. Also speaking at the opening event was Dr. Ismae Whyms, Acting Director, Quality & Patient Safety. Dr. Whyms welcomed those attending in person and participating via Zoom from across the institutions and agencies of the PHA.

“This year, we have adopted the theme from the Institute of Healthcare, ‘Together we are better, stronger, and safer.’ Therefore, throughout this week seek to advance discussions and inspire actions to improve the safety of our healthcare system for patients and the workforce.

To this end we have dedicated the entire week of March 14th – 18th to educate and bring awareness about patient safety issues and concerns within the five disciplines which are Quality, Risk Management, Clinical Audit, Safety, and Infection Prevention & Control.”
Along with educational Zoom sessions for staff, through the course of the week the QPS Department will recognize Departmental Quality Champions from across the organization. These are employees who would have been nominated for their compliance with quality and safety