The first cohort of students to graduate from the San Salvador Teachers College reunited at Breezes Resort over the weekend.

Director of the Teachers College Reunion Committee, Leroy Sumner spoke with ZNS on the sidelines of the event. He said, “we are celebrating a reunion after 55 years of existence also as part of the recognition of the 50th anniversary of the independence of The Bahamas. We’ve always had a very closely knit institution. It was an institution of very young persons coming from the very Family Islands who’ve met for the first time at a boarding school, training college resident in Sal Salvador and we’ve become a family. And we’ve been in contact with each other on a daily basis through the internet, through Whatsapp over these many years.”

Former Parliamentarian, Sydney Collie is a part of the group. He also spoke with ZNS News on the sidelines of the event. “The new government in 1967 decided that the Bahamas Teachers College, which was situated in Nassau, was not meeting all of the needs for the Family Islands. So they decided on a Family Island institution. An old navy base was converted to a residential teachers college. And the whole idea was to produce teachers to staff the schools for comprehensive education in the Family Islands.”

The San Salvador Teachers College was formed in 1968.