Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis addressed Parliament on Wednesday giving an update on government initiatives.

Davis said, “tourism numbers are at record levels,  businesses are thriving and we’re experiencing economic growth once again.  From day one this administration made it clear that we were committed to delivering on the changes that we promised.”

The Prime Minister also foreshadowed the establishment of a notice of vacancy unit within the Department of Labour.  “Our people rely on their government to protect them and this unit will step in to ensure that in instances when an employer has a non Bahamian, a Bahamian understudy is identified and is actively being trained.  Eventually in accordance with that training plan the Bahamian will be elevated to that role eliminating the need to fill that role with a non-Bahamian.”

The Prime Minister spoke to the new hospital for the island of Grand Bahama.  He said, “preliminary work is being done to build a specialty hospital in New Providence and a new hospital in Grand Bahama.  I’m sure this is welcomed news to those who rely on our public hospitals for their health care needs.”

Hurricane Dorian home repairs and the availability of affordable housing were also addressed. “We will begin making progress on hundreds more homes in Abaco and Grand Bahama were many people still need housing for years after Dorian.  This will include the launch of the Rent To Own Initiative which will further expand access to qualified people who demonstrate the ability to pay but may not have been approved under more rigid standards for a mortgage.”