The Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and other government officials were on hand as the demolition exercise of derelict buildings on Bay Street east of East Street began on Wednesday evening.

Deputy Prime Minister, the Hon. Chester Cooper, who also serves as Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation, spoke to ZNS News just before the exercise commenced. Pointing toward a building just east of Elizabeth Avenue he said, “beginning tonight this building behind us is going to be demolished. We are thankful to the owners, the Moxeys, they’ve been very cooperative and very cordial about the process. This is going to be the first one demolished tonight, we have three more lined up to be done this week including the building across the street. There’s been a lot of skepticism about our pronouncements about improving Bay Street, revitalizing Bay Street and therefore we wanted to demonstrate some fairly quick action in terms of the demolitions. We have agreed with the owners that we will partner together to create green spaces, certainly in the first four properties that we demolish so some action should he starting here very shortly.”

Cooper first announced the issuance of demolitions orders for nine buildings east of East Street on Bay Street in February.

(BIS Photos/Kemuel Stubbs)