Bahamian Radcliffe Nichols Jr. has found success as a teacher living in Beijing, China.

Nichols has lived in China for the past ten years and is fluent in the language. He recounted how he came to live in the country with one of the world’s largest populations. “I came to China in 2013. I initially came her for school. I spent most of my years here in China in school. I did both my bachelor degree in International Economics and Trade and I did my master’s in Business Administration,” he said.

Nichols also says that he is able to stay in touch with his Bahamian roots through interaction with other Bahamians in the country. He said, “sometimes the embassy they really look out for us. They would like host somethings sometimes and they would make sure you know, host like meet and greets that we can meet each other and talk and even like have a little sit down and get some nice Bahamian food and enjoy yourself.”

The teacher encourages others who may have dreams to take the leap saying make sure work towards what you want and go for it.