A police officer on routine patrol was shot in the face early on Tuesday after encountering men in a Nissan Note. A delegation of police officers returned to the scene on Robinson Road later in the day accompanied by members of the media.

Police Press Liaison, Chief Superintendent Chrislyn Skippings provided details of the incident. She said, “the officers utilizing their beacon light attempted to stop the vehicle at which point a rear seat passenger of the black Nissan Note opened fire on the vehicle which resulted in the driver being shot to the face. I can say that the driver was taken to hospital where he presently remains in stable condition. We are not tolerating this type of behaviour no longer, it will not, and you will see an aggressive approach on criminals. We are actually waging war on the criminals. So family members, relatives, cousins, girlfriends ensure that your family members who you know are involved in criminal activity, speak to them, encourage them to abide by the laws governing the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.”

Two of the suspects were arrested in the Ridgeland Park area on the same day as the incident. Officer In Charge of the Criminal Investigations Department, Chief Superintendent Michael Johnson informed reporters, “we was able to take three suspects who are presently in custody. Two of them are on bail for serious offences and we continue to see this with these persons who are on bail for these serious matters. One is outfitted with an ankle monitor. They continue to offend although being on bail and continue to offend for the same type serious matter that they are on bail for.”

According the Johnson the suspects are cooperating.