Police of the island of Grand Bahama are assuring residents that they will be visible this holiday. The police are increasing road blocks and patrolling.

Officer In Charge of the Grand Bahama Traffic Division, Superintendent Alphonso Pinder said, “we want to say to members of the public, particularly pedestrians, at night we know the areas are somehow pretty dark, we want to say to you please to wear light clothing so that motorist can be able to see you.”

Pinder acknowledged the issues being experienced with streetlighting. He also pointed out that human behaviour is also contributing to the amount traffic incidents. “A lot of what’s going on now and what we see seem to be the behaviour of the drivers and also the behaviour of the victims. At one or two of the incidents speed might be a factor most of it is due to the negligence of persons not being aware of their surroundings.”

Pinder says road and speed checks will continue in the new year as it is a proven deterrent.