Police are warning the general public of the increase in online fraud.

Director of the Financial Crimes Investigations Branch, Asst. Superintendent Anthony McCartney said, “as persons are contacting members of the public purporting to be working or employees of a financial institution in particular some of the local banks that we have here. These persons are quite crafty and in most instances they would present a set of schemes or present information in order to get you, the members of the public, to give them particular certain sensitive information as it relates to their online banking.”

McCartney went further saying, “they are asking persons to download particular applications on their electronic devices and once that is done we find that in certain instances the members of the public would not have access to their account information and they are locked out and monies are transferred from their accounts.”

Bahamians are also advised not to save their personal information on public computers and that person asking for international money transfers is a red flag.

Police believe that the fraudsters live in The Bahamas and are a part of an international criminal network.

McCartney says if you are contacted to go into you financial institution and make inquiries and not to give sensitive information over the phone or via smartphone applications fraudsters request be downloaded.