Recent Rape Stats Addressed


The Minister of National Security spoke to the issue of rape in the country outside of Cabinet on Tuesday. Earlier this year the Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander revealed that reported sexual offences cases in 2022 were 11% higher than the previous year.

The Hon. Wayne Munroe told reporters, “rape is a crime that isn’t really a sexual offence, it is an offence of violence. It’s an offence that is carried out by people who clearly aren’t properly socialized. And so one of the main ways of preventing it is education. And we are looking now at a policy to address the education particularly of young men. But the Sexual Offences Unit led by Inspector Whyms is also engaging with young women. And we expect to have a substantial gathering of persons to align efforts to address educating and mentoring young men. In the meantime, we have to make it as comfortable as possible for the victims of sexual offences to report them.”

The Minister also said police officers must be educated on how to deal with victims of sexual offences.