Retired Chief Manager at the National Insurance Board, Pandora Butler encouraged contributors to the fund to read the National Insurance Act. Butler expressed that not sufficient people read the act to understand what their rights, obligations or entitlements are.

Butler also supports a NIB contribution rate increase. “This has been said for decades, the rate must be increased. You can do everything else but the sustainability of the Fund past 2028, used to be 2029 now its 2028, five years away, and so its urgent. Its reached critical mass where NIB has to do something and one, well government has to do something, and one of the something, the primary something is to increase the rate at which contributions paid or on which contributions are paid. There’s been no increase in the rate. You may think that 2010 was an increase in the rate, no it wasn’t. It was an increase merely to pay for unemployment benefit. So there’s never been an increase in the cost of the benefits provided by NIB for thirty eight years. And so its reached critical mass, it must be increased.”