Family members of Stephanie Chisholm, who suffers from schizophrenia, formed a search party to look for her. She was reported missing to Police and was last seen in the parking lot of KFC on Grand Bahama two months ago.

Chisholm’s nephew, Theodore Mackey, who was a part of the search party said, “she’ll go for a while but you always would see her frequent in the area, in driving and passing. But after coming back from summer vacation we realize, hey we haven’t seen her nowhere in a while. We started searching, everyone individually by themselves, not even communicating with each other. And then during the wedding everyone was like, hey I haven’t seen her in awhile what you think. And we start asking each other and we form a group as a family was like hey we need to start looking for her.”

The search party looked in the downtown area searching abandoned buildings and bushes where Chisholm frequents. Mackey said, “she is so well known, someone would have been able to say hey I’ve just seen Stephanie. My phone don’t stop ringing, whether she would wonder in someone yard, they’ll give me a call say hey your aunt is here. But this time around, this different.”

Residents of the area also showed up to help with the search. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Police.