Statement from the National COVID-19 Vaccine Consultative Committee


COVID-19 vaccinations continued on New Providence today at Loyola Hall, Church of God of Prophecy, Stapledon School, Kendal G.L. Isaacs National Gymnasium and Baha Mar vaccination centers and will continue tomorrow, 16 April. On Saturday 17th April, the Mobile Unit will continue to administer COVID-19 vaccines to the home-bound with disabilities and resident facilities on New Providence. Vaccinations continued on Grand Bahama at the Susan J. Wallace Community Centre today and will continue tomorrow.

On Saturday 18 April, vaccinations will be administered in the Eight Mile Rock community. The administration of the COVID-19 vaccine began on Abaco today and will continue on the mainland, the cays and Moore’s Island, through Monday 19 April. On New Providence, the administration of the COVID-19 vaccine will continue the week of Monday 19 April at the Church of God of Prophecy, East Street; the Stapledon School, Dolphin Drive and a new vaccination site. As previously planned, the Atlantis and Baha Mar vaccination sites will not be opened next week.

Plans will be finalized next week for the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine on the Family Islands. The administration of the vaccine on the Family Islands will take place the week of 26 April. The National COVID-19 Vaccine Consultative Committee is currently evaluating vaccine supplies for the first and second doses as part of the distribution plan. The Committee is aware of a report circulating on social media which refers to vaccinations having been paused for “more evaluations.” The Committee also notes that the social media report refers to a woman experiencing a “motor skills shutdown” after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Ministry of Health today confirmed that to date it had not received a report of an ESAVI (Events Supposedly Attributable to Vaccination or Immunization of Vaccine) as described in the social media report. Reporting ESAVI after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is essential. These reports assist the Ministry of Health to investigate and determine if the stated symptoms are definitively related to vaccination and provide the necessary support to the person who is experiencing the symptoms.

The public is reminded that events after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine should be reported to the Ministry of Health immediately by calling 818-2975. Various sites have also been set up to receive reports of events, including hospital emergency rooms and private medical practices.

The Consultative Committee advises that there is no connection between the pause in
appointments on Saturday at the Loyola Hall and Church of God of Prophecy vaccination
centers on New Providence and any suspected adverse event related to the COVID-19