Officials at the Nassau Cruise Port are expecting to exceed 2019 numbers this year.

Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Nassau Cruise Port, Mike Maura said, “we finished 2022 at just over 3.2 million passengers…we did 3.85 million in 2019 but we did have this slow ramp up beginning in January of 2022 and so that puts us at about 17% under the 2019 record level but still phenomenal.”

Maura also said, “preconstruction Prince George Wharf would have received a maximum of 20,000 passengers. Following the investments and the improvements that we’ve made to, again, this pier infrastructure that we have here, that number well exceed 30,000. We added a 50%, over a 50% in our passenger capacity in a single day.”

The port recorded 410,000 passengers for December 2022 alone.