The Disaster Reconstruction Authority (DRA) intends to demobilize the Treasure Cay Dumpsite on the island of Abaco.

DRA Executive Chairman, Alex Storr said, “the site at Spring City, the contractor there is doing an excellent job providing all the proper reports and documents that he is to provide on a monthly basis. We had another issue with Treasure Cay and so we are in the process of issuing a new contract for Treasure Cay that should be before Cabinet as soon as today as a matter of fact. We had negotiated the contractor over last few weeks or so hopefully that will be in place shortly.”

The Treasure Cay site recently caught fire which concerned residents of the island. Storr addressed comments made by the President of the Abaco Chamber of Commerce, Daphne DeGregory-Miaoulis, who voiced concern about the dump sites and the government’s management of them. Storr said, “her comments are not based on the facts of this particular matter because we have the site at Spring City that is being properly managed and the site at Treasure Cay will have a new contractor on site shortly. Things like fires and such are one of the hazards of this industry but once you have a contractor that’s on site and that’s properly doing their job the extinguish these fires as soon as possible.”