A video of a female visitor complaining about her experience with a taxi driver has gone viral.  In the footage the woman says, “we came to the port and got a taxi driver.  We paid $30 a person for eighteen people to drive us around for the day.”

The women continued saying that the taxi driver told she and her companions that he would take them anywhere they wanted to go for the day. “We went to the Queen’s Staircase and then he drove us to Junkanoo Beach where he said he would be back at 3 o’clock to pick us up and never came back to get us.  He said we can leave our belonging in his vehicle and my daughter left her bag with her necklace and her bracelet that we had just bought from the market by the Queen’s Staircase and her sea card to get back on the ship and then he never came back to get us,” she said.

President of the Bahamas Taxi Cab Union Wesley Ferguson was asked for comment on this incident. He said, “we in the taxi industry is very, very concerned about it because this is not what a taxi driver is supposed to be doing in this day and time.  And there’s no real good excuse for it because a day is a day.  It sends a negative message throughout the industry.  And you know how the US is when its something against their citizens they’re quick to issue a travel advisory and we’re trying to head this off right now by doing some kind of damage control and reaching out to the actual guest to sort of mitigate this and to, as best we can, satisfy her loss.”

The Ministry of Transport and Housing announced on twitter that they are aware of the incident.