Tell-tale signs someone may be contemplating suicide


The long lines wrapped around the entrances of the food distribution centers and at financial institutions for assistance is evident that the covid-19 pandemic has dealt a hard-economic blow to many Bahamians.

The strong demand for assistance and additional responsibilities may be forcing people to take their own lives.

Psychologist, Dr. Wayne Thompson recognizes the number of suicides and attempts that are growing rapidly in this country.

“These individuals want to stop the pain the hopelessness, the discomfort of not being able to survive. These individuals want to get rid of that stuff and as a result; this is what leans them towards suicide” he said. 

Dr. Thompson implores all Bahamians and residents to pay close attention to the warning signs.

“When you see an individual beginning to lose interest in something that they once enjoyed? That’s a mammoth red flag.

“When you see children start playing around with their food, not necessarily eating it but moving it around the plate, something deeply is troubling and bothering them.

“But because we are so intoxicated with things, we believe that things solve all things when the truth of the matter is there is only one thing that can cover everything, and that is love” he said.