The Bahamas Union Of Teachers (BUT) led by Belinda Wilson has allegedly filed a lawsuit against the Government. The action is believed to be centered around the legitimacy of the Bahamas Educators, Councillors and Allied Workers Union (BECAWU).

President of BECAWU Sandra Major provided clarity on the issue saying, “I can confirm that BUT has filed two lawsuits against the Government of The Bahamas and because of the outcome of the lawsuits it will impact the members of BECAWU. So because of that we have a vested interest in it and so we have joined in the case.”

On the legitimacy of her organization Major said, “we are a registered union with the only registered agreement in the country for teachers which was registered with the Registrar General on the 15th of March, 2023. So we don’t understand all of the action being taken but we have an interest.”

Major continued, “we honestly do not know what the fuss is about. We have presented, we have gone through the right procedure to get here. We registered our union correctly. We followed the laws of the land to the letter of the law. We followed everything that should have been done in the correct order. We did not ask for any favors. So we followed it, we set the union up correctly, we took it to the Government of The Bahamas, the Government of The Bahamas recognized us in this country.”

President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers declined to comment on the issue.