The Royal Bahamas Police Force Traffic Division is taking a zero tolerance approach to traffic offenders.

Traffic Division Corporal Patrick Kemp told ZNS News, “we have to do more as a people who are traversing throughout the street and obeying the traffic rules and regulations to ensure that when you travel on the street you arrive to your destination safely and alive.”

Kemp explained, “in the downtown area, the city area you’ll find that the speed limit is 25 miles per hour in the immediate city area. Outside you’ll find that the speed limit would have increased by five miles per hour or thirty miles per hour. You’re not going to find yourself being charged any more with killing in the course of reckless or dangerous driving, no, you’re going to be charged with vehicular manslaughter. In fact for driving in a reckless manner where someone loses their life you’ll find that you can do a prison term of up to fifteen years, dangerous driving ten years.”

There will be an increased police presence on the streets in the coming weeks.