The Ministry of Finance Project Execution Unit hosted its second in a series of workshops on the government’s solarization of public buildings project on Tuesday. The workshop aims to instruct and ensure that contractors who intend to bid on projects submit all required documents and information on the government’s Bonfire portal.

Procurement Specialist, Antoinette Moxey explained, “the documents are very complexed. The first document we’re going through this morning is one hundred and fifty seven pages. The document that were going through this afternoon is would be three hundred and seventy three pages. So there quite a lot of items that are required to be presented by those persons who wants to bid in hopes of winning the projects that are out there now and that will be coming up. And there are difference between the documents, the requirements are slightly different for some more technical for others. So that is why we find the need to go over the documents so that the bidders would be on equal footing when they come to submit their bids to the PEU and that we won’t have to reject any bids because of lack of required information.”

Financial Secretary, Simon Wells delivered remarks at the workshop held at the Choices Restaurant at the University of The Bahamas. He told attendees, “we believe that renewable energy can be transformative to our utility company and to our way of life. And do we are very very eager to get this project started, to get contractors in the field, to get things done.”

The government’s solarization project is being funded by an $80 million loan from the Inter American Development Bank and a $9 million grant from the European Union Caribbean Investment Fund. The solarization of the University of The Bahamas and the C.I. Gibson High School are the projects currently up for bidding.