Police on the island of Grand Bahama are investigating two separate assault cases which occurred on that island. A father was alerted in the early morning hours when his 9 year old daughter screamed. The father investigated and found a man sexually assaulting the minor. The father attempted to detain the suspect who escaped. The victim was taken to the hospital for examination.

Police Press Liaison, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Stephen Rolle provided a description of the suspect. “The information is that he is a slim, bright male with short deadlocks or plaits per se.”

In another incident, a woman was sexually assaulted by a man she knows that gave her a lift in his car. After the assault the victim was left on the roadside where she was found by a resident and taken to the Rand Memorial Hospital.

According to Assistant Superintendent Rolle, “the Police are searching for a 34 year old male of the Deadman’s Reef area who may be responsible for this incident.”

Rolle appeal to the public for information.