The University of The Bahamas has signed a memorandum of understanding with Global Culinare Inc. The move paves the way for Bahamian students to benefit from a new scholarship fund.

Co-Founder of Global Culinare Inc., Chef Romero Dorsette spoke a the signing event held. He said, “now all of the inflation and cost rising I know how difficult it is for parents and for students who want to excel and want to do well in this culinary industry. So being a student, being a chef, being in the industry, I also know the shortage of professional chefs that are needed. I know how far and how vast the culinary industry can be and the opportunities that chef can have once they have the proper training. We do not want to be selfish and say we’re going to keep these students for ourselves. We want to definitely help them get the education that they deserve and that they need.”

Also on hand at the signing event was President of the University of The Bahamas, Eric Roland who accepted the presentation of a $45,000 check from Global Culinare. He said, “as you know culinary graduates are in high demand in every country, excellent chefs can market their skills every where in the world. And I’m pleased to know that this scholarship will give students that opportunity to participate in GCI’s culinary competition and that will certainly create unforgettable life and professional experience for our students.”