President of the Bahamas Educators, Councillors and Allied Workers Union (BECAWU) is addressing the concerns of a parent pertaining sex education classes taught in schools.

Ms. Sandra Major told ZNS News, “its on television, its in their cartoons, its in all the songs that they listen to. So you sensitize a generation, they say oh this is okay because everybody is doing it. Everybody doing it does not make it right.”

Major commented further addressing an issue where a teacher showed a sex education video to students which included a homosexuality reference. One of the students reported to a parent they were not comfortable with it. She said, “the social study teachers have never taught this. What it is is they were talking about AIDS. Social studies, of course, would speak to the issues in the society. In the curriculum AIDS is one of those and the video used is the video that has always been used, hopefully all the time. And there is one sentence in it that speaks to how AIDS was introduced way back when and it speaks to the fact that it began with homosexuals.”

“Information affects people differently and whatever the person, being a boy or a girl, who saw it just thought it was too much for them. Maybe the conversation has to happen. How do we make sure that everyone understands what we’re doing, the reason why. Because, again we live in a society we can’t isolate our children because if you don’t tell them somebody else will,” Major said.