Krizia Cash and her husband gave a real estate agent over $13,000 to being the process of getting a home. Now Mrs. Cash wants justice.

“I just want her to be brought to justice because she shouldn’t be able to do this to people.”

The couple began searching for vacant land in 2021 and also discussed payment plans with their real estate agent. A down payment was made in June of 2021 and they were told that the company would handle the closing costs. Mrs. Cash says that something the agent told here was a red flag. “The supplies was supposed to be coming in from China. So she told us she had to change suppliers because the Haitian pirates were hijacking the ship coming through the Panana Channel. At the time I was working for a company and most of their things come from China and we’ve never had that issue. So I told my husband okay this doesn’t make any sense.”

Mrs. Cash confirmed that Dorrell Pratt, a female wanted by the Police, is the person who allegedly stole her money.