The Minister of Public Works and Utilities, the Hon. Alfred Sears, gave an update of the work being carried out on Village Road.

“Paving of the road will begin on the first week of December, near the end of the first week of December and it will be in three phases. So those phases of paving will take us through December and it is expected by the end of December 2022 they will be substantially completed.”

Sears continued saying, “with this kind of work as they are excavating sometimes you have, they have pipes and cables which are buried and which may not be on their diagram and when you have a disruption that particular utility entity has to come and repair it because it would have been ruptured inadvertently. So there have been a number of cases like that.”

The road improvement project is being carried out at a cost of $6.4 million. The completion date has been adjusted two times previously expected to end in September then extended to November of this year. The project includes the installation of pipes, water mains and a new round about.