Sixty two customs officers on the island of Grand Bahama were promoted in the largest promotion exercise ever on the island.

The Minister of Economic Affairs, Sen. the Hon. Michael Halkitis took part in the promotion ceremony handing out epaulettes and letters to the newly promoted officers. He also delivered remarks on behalf of the Prime Minister.

Of the promotions, Minister Halkitis said, “we wanted to express gratitude, congratulate those who were promoted, encourage those who have not been promoted and as well stress to those who have been promoted that as they elevate into the ranks the responsibilities become greater. Now they are looked at, for example, from the lower ranks but overall just to say thank you very much for all the work that they do and encourage them going forward.”

The Acting Deputy Comptroller, Ralph Munroe was also in attendance. He says that the Customs Department is looking to fill more senior positions and appeals to officers to increase their contributions.