A bush fire which spread on Tuesday morning threatened houses in the Imperial Park area of Grand Bahama.

Pastor Freddie Laing assisted by using a garden hose to stop the fire reaching the homes of neighbours. He said, “I see concerned residents, neighbours trying to do as best as they can to stop the fire from coming to their homes. Some of them were outside wetting their houses with the hose and so forth and just trying to help each other.”

On Wednesday Fire Services Officer Derron Russell said the fire was contained. “We still have two units in the area battling the fire looking for hotspots and making sure any other parameter threats are dealt with. But as we approach the summer season we advise the members of the public to refrain from lighting fires outside of the kitchen, which it is an offense to light fires anywhere outside of the kitchen. If you want to get rid of your debris, we will encourage you to use the Sanitation Waste Department to get rid of your debris.”