The Minister of Labour and Immigration, the Hon. Keith Bell revealed in the House of Assembly that professionals such as doctors and attorneys are providing false declarations to the Department of Immigration.

Bell also informed Parliamentarians of troubling behavioural trends of work permit holders. He said, “if a permit is obtained for a gardener, the person must be a gardener for the person whom he employs. Madam Speaker, following the warning in January 2023, the department has increased and intensified its efforts and we have found, particularly in our operations in Abaco, a number of persons working in Abaco using permits outside of the scope.”

The minister said that it is the position of the government that anyone who enters The Bahamas must do so lawfully otherwise they will be dealt with according to the law. He appealed to Bahamians with relevant information to contact the Department of Immigration’s hotlines at 604-0172 or 604-0196.