400 households and businesses in Long Island to receive running water

(BIS Photo/Patrick Hanna)

Member of parliament for Long Island Adrian Gibson providing an update on the Water and Sewerage Corporation’s production, distribution and storage site in McKenzie’s.

Gibson says contractor Florida aquastore’s constructing a new storage tank and another contractor will soon be on the island to complete well drilling.

It’s expected that once completed and tied into the new reverse osmosis plant, water will be turned on in 400 new households and businesses.

“Over the years, the last two or three years, we have been working hard to expand our water supply network in Long Island, in fact; we have invested many millions doing so.

“This tank and this storage duction site is critical to ensuring that happens because now you’re talking about how hundreds of people ultimately thousands overall, when you add all of the areas coming into the system.

“At this time, work is steadily progressing at the production, distribution and storage site.

“Right now, our contractor at the store is building a tank at the site and this is going to build capacity and resiliency” he said.