Consolidated Water Ltd. Supports Lend A Hand’s Backyard Farming Initiative

Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Ltd. recently made a donation toward Lend A Hand Bahamas’ resiliency building educational programmes such as the new backyard farming and greenhouse project. L to R: CWCO Accounts Manager Welliya Cargill; Lend A Hand Bahamas Programmes Manager Mitsyann Burrows; and CWCO Operations Supervisor Jeffery Burrows. Photo Credit:

Lend A Hand Bahamas has introduced a new approach to meeting the demand for consistent food accessibility in the country. As the effects of COVID-19 on Bahamians persist, the non-profit organization recently launched a backyard farming greenhouse project aimed at the promotion of urban farming in downtown Nassau. Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Ltd. (CWCO) made a donation to Lend A Bahamas in support of the initiative which personifies “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Local agricultural experts and other specialists have assisted with the construction of a greenhouse and the planting of seeds. Forthcoming is the implementation of farming methods such as hydroponics and aquaponics. Beyond farming, the innovative organization also, according to Lend A Hand Bahamas Programmes Manager Mitsyann Burrows, has plans to offer various business skills and certificate courses in the near future.

“We want to get persons off of the food line and into something that they can use to help themselves. We will give persons workforce preparation and financial literacy training also,” she said. Ms. Burrows accepted CWCO’s donation on behalf of Lend A Hand Bahamas and called on companies to follow the lead of businesses like the reverse osmosis water supplier. Last year, CWCO donated $12,500 to Lend A Hand Bahamas in support of emergency food relief efforts. The donation was matched $1 for $1 by the Lyford Cay Charitable Trust to assist with food relief and resiliency building educational programmes, like the new backyard farming and greenhouse project.

CWCO Accounts Manager Welliya Cargill and CWCO Operations Supervisor Jeffery Burrows praised the strides Lend A Hand Bahamas continues to make in assisting the most vulnerable in society.

“During our last visit with Lend A Hand Bahamas, we got a firsthand look at how their efforts directly help Bahamians in need. With so many families struggling with food insecurity today, the role of this organization has never been more crucial,” said Ms. Cargill.
She continued, “Consolidated Water (Bahamas) Ltd. recognizes that Lend A Hand is essential in community development and we made a commitment to support them during these unprecedented times.”

Mr. Burrows echoed Ms. Cargill, noting, “CWCO commends Lend A Hand Bahamas for its innovative approach to humanitarianism.”

“You have so many programmes that are making a huge difference in communities throughout downtown Nassau. We know that this donation is going to very good use and will impact the lives of many Bahamians.”

Lend a Hand Bahamas is a key partner in the National Distribution Task Force and a zone leader in downtown Nassau.

As the most populous zone in the programme, it includes the areas of Bain Town, Grant’s Town, Centerville, Mt. Moriah, Engleston, Chippingham, St. Barnabas, Stapleton Gardens, Yellow Elder, Fort Fincastle, Montell Heights, Palmdale, Fort Charlotte, Millennium
Gardens, Oakes Field, and Boyds Subdivision as well as the Nassau west communities of Gambier, Adelaide and Mount Pleasant.
Since the onset of COVID-19, the non-profit organization has established countless programmes to meet the needs of these communities which include over 36,000 individuals in over 10,000 households.