After the Prime Minister’s announcement of the increase in BPL’s fuel charge, President of the Abaco Chamber of Commerce, Daphne Degregory-Miaoulis, gave her take on the increase, focusing governments renewable energy deployment efforts.

She said, “I’m very happy to see that the government is going on a greener, cleaner move towards supply. We need to be more conscious and maybe this increase will force us to go that route. and in schools, maybe they can start teaching our students about electricity and power consumption and how in their household they can help to reduce those costs.”

Mrs. Degregory-Miaoulis also acknowledged the frequent loss in power on the island commended the government on its installation of solar panel and micro-grids. She said, “I really feel for my follow Abaconians every time on the chat groups I hear power is out, power is out and thank God for sun, we have not had to suffer those losses. So I encourage everyone who has the opportunity to phase into solar to do so, even if its just to put it on your hot water heater.”