The Ministry for Grand Bahama announced the extension of the Beautiful Grand Bahama Program which has benefitted some three hundred and fifty Grand Bahamians who are employed with the program.

Freeport Division Project Manager, Franco Miller told ZNS News that the project has been challenging yet rewarding for many. He said, “this is a lot of people that’s working. I just doing the Freeport division, you gat the east and you gat the west. So the money is, like I say, its going throughout the community, people are being able to pay bills. So I think its a good idea to extend it cause now its going into the Christmas, so people will have money in their pocket to do stuff for the Christmas. A lot of stuff that we didn’t start off wanting to do but we’re getting so much calls people wanting assistance with this and that. So its been really good getting some of the response from the public.”

Other employees of the program also expressed their gratitude to the Minister for Grand Bahama for the program’s extension speaking to the fact that they are able to meet some of their necessary obligations. Deuon Cox said, “it help me a lot to take care things at home and catch up on bills and, you know, just take care my kid and help with family stuff.”