The family of the youth pastor who lost his life in a traffic accident on the S. C. Bootle Highway in Abaco, on October 9th, are speaking out. Daughter of the deceased, LeeAndra Thompson speaks highly of her father describing him as the best father in the world.

Ms. Thompson recalled how she found out about her father’s passing. She said, “my sister got a call from somebody who was on the scene and the person would have said, “Oh well, ya know” they were frantic, everybody was frantic at that time and they would have told her that they were in a car accident. I was laying down, ya know, about to go to sleep and I heard my sister scream and she would not stop screaming. I thought, ya know, maybe she just was laughing but it was actually her screaming and she would not stop so that’s when I knew it was bad news.”

Thompson’s wife was also in the car at the time of the accident. She survived the ordeal and is currently being treated at the Princess Margaret Hospital in New Providence.