The annual church service for Parliamentarians was held on Wednesday at the Bethel Baptist Church. Members of the House of Assembly and Senators were in attendance at the service. The sermon was delivered by president of the Bahamas Christian Council, Apostle Delton Fernander who said the chosen venue for the service was intentional.

“My effort, in times of sitting in this chair, it has been my intent to move you more and more over the hill. This is my last time. I’ve intentionally brought you from so close to Parliament. You must remember that sometimes we’ve got to go back and make a difference where we came from, make a difference over the hill. So that when generations look back they can see where God has brought us.”

Apostle Fernander went on saying, “as we move further onto this year and we contemplate new laws and policy do so with the guidance of God and with the understanding that the Bahamian people should be the first partakers. We can’t do more for those that pass through our country than those that are living in our country. We must do so with an understanding that we ought to make the wealth more common.”