Minister of Social Services and Urban Development and Member of Parliament for West Grand Bahama and Bimini, the Hon. Obie Wilchcombe updated ZNS News on what is being done to assist victims of a recent fire on the island of Bimini that destroyed multiple homes.

Minister Wilchcombe said, “the various families that were affected are comfortable to this point. Their lives are not back to any normalcy as before but we’ve done our best.”

According to the Minister, Urban Renewal is ensuring that the victims have housing and receiving necessary assistance and that the next phase is replacing the homes that were totally destroyed.

Wilchcombe also stated, “one of the other things that we’ve taken note of is that many of the island’s homes are not insured. And that’s something that we have to certainly have a conversation with insurance companies to open up their doors to allow for insurance in the homes on the various islands. There are complications that they’ve told us but complications are workable, we can find ways to get around them.”