Speaker of the House of Assembly, the Hon. Patricia Deveaux is commenting on the issue of sexual assault against children and marital rape.

She told members of the media, “coming out of a criminal background because I’ve worked with the police department for more than thirty years, I’ve seen a lot. And I understand when we talk about the word rape especially with children I believe these guys should be hung. Because some of them end up destroying these children’s lives and these women end up growing up and not able to bear children of their own because of the acts that would have happened to them.”

On the subject of marital rape Deveaux stated, “if its a criminal act its a whole different ball game. But if its a man and woman laying down in a bed I don’t know how to say that I’m totally against it because like I said I’m not married, I wouldn’t know what goes on behind closed doors. It would have to be a case presented where something would have been happening for years, maybe there is some abuse or something in the relationship that would get me to react to something like that in a marriage.”