The Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC) held an event recognizing female team members on International Women’s Day.

BTC’s CEO, Sameer Bhatti spoke with ZNS News on the sidelines of the watch party. He said, “this event is so significant to us. To recognize all the accomplishments of women in society and here at BTC and to reflect on this accomplishments. You know, 60% of BTC is women and the majority of our senior leadership team at BTC is also women. We’re proud of that and we believe that reflects our society and we’re proud to continue those numbers moving higher.”

One of the female executives at BTC, Operations Manager Sharell Moncur said of her position, “as a woman getting to that role was not easy within BTC because this is a technical environment. It was not easy, still isn’t easy for women in terms of equality, the opportunities, ensuring that you have the skillsets. For me within BTC I’ve seen the growth, I’ve seen the change. We understand where we need to be, we understand where we’re going as women and one of the things for us is always looking out to pull each other up, ensuring that we be good examples for other women.”